Backup Mikrotik using Script

Backup Mikrotik using Script

How to Backup Mikrotik using Script?

This time I will share about Mikrotik backup using a script. Where the following script will back up with extensions *.backup and *.rsc.

Script for Mikrotik Backup

/sys backup save name=([/system identity get name]);
/export file=([/system identity get name]);

The Steps backup MikroTik using Script

  1. Open Winbox.
  2. Click Menu System -> Scripts.
  3. Add New Script use + ( Plus ), in the Source section you enter the backup script.
  4. Run the script we have created by click Run Script.

You can see the results of the Mikrotik backup script that we have run on the Files menu.

Tutorial how to backup Mikrotik using the script finish. Good Luck.

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