Mikrotik Basic Configuration with Indihome Modem

Mikrotik Basic Configuration with Indihome Modem

IDNetworks.net – will try to share tips on how to setting Mikrotik with IndiHome fiber.

At the beginning of 2016 Telkom Indihome Products, Precisely carried out a new policy by implementing the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) system. Every customer will experience a decrease in internet speed after reaching FUP every 1 month period.

FUP (Fair Usage Policy) is not the same as the QUOTA system, FUP is more precisely a fair use system in internet use.

For that reason, so that our internet usage is not too quickly affected by FUP, it requires bandwidth management or commonly called ‘bandwidth limiter‘.

Bandwidth management for modem Indihome

MikroTik RouterOS has a myriad of features, one of which has been mentioned above, namely bandwidth management.

A concrete example of one Indihome user who gets the impact of the FUP policy is ‘Office”. Just call it ‘Office A’, he subscribes to a 10MB IndiHome, the number of clients is around 15 computers. If Office does not perform bandwidth management, then within a week of the time the fair use limit (FUP) has exceeded.

With our bandwidth management, at least we have stalled from 1 week to 3 weeks for fair use, and we have also done FUP on our internet cafe customers, so it’s fair.

In accordance with our theme above, how to do bandwidth management on an internet cafe or office network with MikroTik.

After knowing what topology we will use, then we will determine the network that will be used for our local network.

Some Indihome modems that IDNetworks.com has encountered, such as ZTE, Huawei, etc. Mostly use IP class C and Network used, usually,, so it’s best when you determine the network for your local network to use outside the network.

For example, IDNetworks.net suppose we choose the network The IP that we will use on MikroTik as well as the gateway for each of our Office computers.

Mikrotik settings with Indihome

After you determine the IP that will be used for your internet cafe network, now we continue to perform Mikrotik settings with the topology and network specified above.

We recommend that you first reset your Mikrotik either manually or NetInstall.

How to Reset MikroTik RouterBoard

  • Open your Winbox, log in using mac-address.
  • Remove “Remove Configuration”, this usually appears because we have done a hard reset / manual reset.
  • Make Dhcp-client, aiming we don’t need static IP manual input on the Mikrotik, the reason is sometimes we don’t know how much the actual IP modem. By doing DHCP-client we can immediately make a default route and know the IP modem. The main requirement is, the settings on the Indihome modem are still standard. Not yet changed at all because by default the Indhome DHCP-server modem has been activated.
  • DNS settings on the Mikrotik.
  • Make NAT (Network address translation) and do it only on interfaces that point to the public. Nat’s own purpose serves to translate public IP addresses to private IP addresses or vice versa. so with NAT every computer on the local network can access the internet.
  • At this point, we can test ping via the Winbox terminal, make sure that at this stage, the ping has replayed everything.
  • Set the Mikrotik IP on the interface (ether2) connected to the HUB, which later becomes the gateway for each computer.
  • Now we are setting IP on a computer that will want to use, I demonstrated here on a billing computer with IP netmask gateway, for other PCs, please determine for yourself the most important thing is still in the same subnet.
  • Ping on your computer, if it replays then you have successfully configured on the Mikrotik and your computer.

Bandwidth Management on Mikrotik:

If at the Mikrotik configuration stage you are finished and have confirmed it can be used for the internet, now IDNetworks.net try to give simple tips to limit the bandwidth of each computer using ‘simple queue’, copy the script below then paste it into the Winbox “terminal”:

/queue simple
add max-limit=1M/10M name=Global target=
for idnetworks from 2 to 10 do={/queue simple add name="PC-Client-$idnetworks" target="192.168.2.$idnetworks" max-limit=384000/512000 parent=Global}
  • For the IDNetworks.net bandwidth, for example, 10 M downloads and 1 M uploads, and for LAN networks, the limit for each PC 512k downloads is 384 uploads. if the actual situation is different in your place, just adjust it.
  • The script above is for automatic generation of simple queues, the purpose of which is for the IP range If your network is more than that or the IP order is different please adjust it in the “2 to 10” section of the script above, for example, range on your LAN, then change it to “100 to 115”.
  • Wanna to add to the youtube limit, you can see in the post how to limit youtube video bandwidth on the Mikrotik. Be sure to add it later at the top for the queue sequence.

That’s the simple way of setting Mikrotik with Indihome fiber, with only the bandwidth limit of each computer using the Mikrotik as above.

We have at least done things that will gain time from the usual one week, why FUP now might be 2-3 weeks. Hopefully this simple Mikrotik configuration tutorial can help all readers.

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