What is Campus Area Network (CAN)?

Campus Area Network - idnetworks

Campus Area Network

IDNetworks.net – Campus Area Network (CAN) is a network that consists of several Local Area Networks (LAN) in a limited geographical area. CAN is smaller than the Wide Area Network (WAN) or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

CAN focus on network interconnection between departments within a campus. If the inter-departmental departments are already connected to form a CAN network, it is hoped that the exchange of data between departments will be faster because it is not through the internet network but rather through a LAN network that has been built.

Because interdistrict are already connected to each other that needs to be considered in the implementation of CAN is a firewall to limit what will be shared and not shared so that the data of each department remains safe.

From the description above we can conclude a few points about the benefits if we apply CAN.

Benefits of CAN implementation

  • Lower cost
  • Data exchange between departments is faster
  • Data Security

Such is the article about the Campus Area Network. Good luck.

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