MikroTik Firewall Benefits for Users

When you are using MikroTik, you must be familiar with MikroTik firewall. This “wall” is like standing between the public network and the company’s...
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Phishing scams with MikroTik routers Bank phishing scam calls its victims, crypto jacked Rocke expands its arsenal, and MikroTik routers hacked to transmit their data. Bank phishing scam...
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Block VPN Access Tutorials using MikroTik

Block VPN access using Mikrotik. To get to the configuration stage we must first understand how VPN (Virtual Private Network) works. Usually, people use...
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Load Balancing used to the MikroTiK (PCC Method)

MikroTik load balancing is a technique for distributing traffic loads on two or more connection lines in a balanced way, so that traffic can...
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WannaCry Malware Deployment Prevention

Ransomware WannaCry The last few months have carried out massive attacks happening in many countries of the world. Malware WannaCry uses security gaps in...
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Tutorial Block Facebook access using MikroTik

This is a tutorial on how to block Facebook access using a proxy. Are you ready to try to block Facebook by using a...
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