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IDNetworks – The rapid development of smartphones today makes humans very dependent on these devices. Whatever we can do looking for entertainment, friends, and work we can do with a smartphone. Immediately download the free net guard application to feel the benefits.

The smartphone to function properly, it must be supported by a good connection network. It is undeniable that the need for data packages is a major need compared to pulses for SMS and telephone.


With the proliferation of applications on our smartphones, the need for data packages becomes very high. Which makes us have to set aside more money to buy data packages. Actually, sometimes we are not aware that our data packages are wasted due to applications that are less important. To help us control the use of our data packages we can use the NetGuard application. What is NetGuard?

NetGuard is an android application that we can use to turn off the connection, of an application that is inside our smartphone. We can choose the applications in our smartphones, that allow always be connected to the internet by downloading NetGuard. Not only that we also set the application on our smartphone to connect to the internet. Through our data package or just compile a smartphone connected to a WiFi network.

With the NetGuard application we can use our data packages more wisely.

Please download and install the NetGuard application from the play store on your smartphone to experience its benefits. Good luck.

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