Getting to know the 5G Network

5G Network

The 5G network has now been available in a number of regions in the United States since 2018. The 5G network for wider use in the upcoming 2020.

5G network is a mobile Internet connectivity network that offers a faster connection than the previous generation. Because high speeds, 5G can also carry large data. So 5G can connect the world faster and easier.

Reported from Digital Trends, unlike 4G or LTE networks. 5G can be used in three different types of spectral Low-band, Mid-band, and High-band. In the low-band, it does offer a large area, it only has a disadvantage that the maximum data speed only reaches 100Mbps. For mid-band, the speed only reaches 1Gbps.

While the high-band is considered to be very compatible with 5G networks because it is capable of transferring data up to 10Gbps. But the main problem is that the coverage area is not wide enough. Although the maximum speed is so large, the actual speed will not be the same. User download speeds reach 100Mbps and 50Mbps upload speeds.

5G can help increase the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies around the world.IoT is a computing concept that connects over a network without requiring human interaction to a computer. IoT is useful in logistics tracking, Smart city, Smart building, and agriculture.

According to the GSMA, 5G can reach as much as 1.2 billion connections in the year 2025. Predictably the 5G will include a third of the world population. Now a mobile company like Samsung has released a mobile phone that can serve the 5G network for available countries.

In addition to the US, South Korea, Japan, China, is the first country providing commercial 5G networks. And here that is our news, if it is useful then share and subscribe to our channel. Thank you everyone 🙂

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