How to Clear Your History in Firefox

Clear History List in Firefox tips from idnetworks. As we know, when It was late at night and you had a couple of beer it was just you and your computer. Everyone allows their id to run wild and explore the virtual world on occasion. But now there’s a digital record of all those things you looked up online and it’s all available to anyone with access to your device.

The things that we often find when accessing our web browser, which is Firefox. Why?? because Firefox is one of the fastest browsers around, while also offering great security and privacy. Though the interface isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, it’s still a great option for most people and worth trying out. with all amount history firefox.

First, Click the three lines with one line on different direction in the top-right corner and choose History

Second thing to do is, you can see a list of your recent history… HOW THAT’S is scary if my mom know it.. hoho… back to do, choose clear recent history

if you do it right, a magic magic box will appear on your page firefox history, and then you can choose between the list. And delete them all with clicking “Clear Now

You can also do it in easy why, when open your web browser firefox > Clear Recent History (or on a PC, just click Ctrl-Shift-De). This will prompt the “Recent History Box” to pop up. Here, you’ll find a pull-down menu with time range options to clear that spans from “Last Hour” to “Everything.” If you click the details button you will see the various types of data you can try to delete (browsing history, cache, etc.). Choose the ones you would like to obliterate and then click “Clear Now.”

Okay guys it’s easy and quick way right ?? And here that is our basic tutorial how to remove your nightmare history in firefox web browser from your device, if it is useful then share and subscribe to our channel. Thank you everyone.. ^^

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