Linksys WAP54G Access Point Configuration Tutorial

Linksys WAP54G Access Point Configuration Tutorial. Idnetworks will share a simple way to configure Linksys access point WAP54G access point.

Linksys WAP54G access point
Linksys WAP54G

Steps by steps Linksys WAP54G Configuration

Step 1: Device Remoot

For Linksys WAP54G Remoot there are two ways, the first is to use the application contained on the CD in the cardboard device and the second is remoot using the browser. To make it easier, remoot using the browser.

For the default IP device Linksys WAP54G is Setup IP that one network with that IP. Example the IP we put on our computer is subnet For remote access just use a password not username.


  • Url :
  • user :
  • password : admin

Step 2: Network configuration

For us to be more comfortable monitoring the device. If you have many devices Linksys WAP54G, you need to hire IP address of each device Tto make it easier to identify each device. If you only have One device, the IP doesn’t need to be replaced. And can go straight to the next step. To make IP substitution can click on the Setup Menu.

Example IP that we will set is subnet Gateway

Example :

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway:
setup static ip linksys wap54g
setup static ip linksys wap54g

Step 3: Setting Mode access point

To configure the mode we can click on the menu Setup -> AP modes.

setup linksys wap54g mode accesspoint
setup linksys wap54g mode accesspoint

Step 4: Set the SSID

To set the SSID will be able to select the Wireless menu that you need to fill is :

  • Mode: Mixed.
  • Network Name: ClubLounge@SheratonMu (Setting SSID as you wish).
  • Channel: 9-2.452 GHz.
  • SSID Broadcast: Enable.

Noted :

If have multiple WiFi devices, We must set the distinguish channel of each device to prevent interference.

setup ssid linksys wap54g
setup ssid linksys wap54g

Step 5: Set the password for the Wifi login

To configure WiFi password. You can go to the menu Wireless -> Security

Security Mode : WPA-Personal
Encryption : AES
Passphrase : Testingwifi (fill as you want)
Key Renewal : 300 second (default)

setup security accesspoint mode
setup security acces spoint mode

Here is our tutorial to config Linksys WAP54G, and if you need to know more basic tutorial how to config router you can read here. And if it is useful then share and subscribe to our channel. Thank you everyone 🙂

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