What is MikroTik MIKHMON

MIKHMON - IDNetworks

Explanation of MIKHMON

IDNetworks.net – MIKHMON is a Hotspot Monitoring application that is intended for MikroTik hotspot users to facilitate monitoring and operating the hotspot.

Why is MIKHMON easier?

If you use MIKHMON on for monitoring and operating the MikroTik hotspot, we are very spoiled compared to if we have to do the configuration directly on the MikroTik using Winbox or WebFig.

In this article I will share about downloading the MIKHMON and how to set it on a Windows device.

Actually MikroTik itself has prepared an application that is almost the same as MikHMon, namely UserManager, but the active user session is not as big as Hotspot Loggin’s active user session, if to enjoy unlimited active user sessions, you must use the RouterOS Level 6 product.

If we use the MikHMon hotspot active users we get enough to use MikroTik device with RouterOS level 5 we can use as many as 500, active users, depending on the physical specifications of the proxy devices.


  • Add, edit, remove user hotspot.
  • Generate user hotspots.
  • Add, edit, remove user profile.
  • Print voucher.
  • Quick Print. Print voucher to the thermal printer via Bluetooth.
  • Sales report.
  • Custom template voucher.
  • Multi router.


  • Router Board MikroTik.
  • Clock speed CPU 650 MHz
  • Router OS v6.3.


  • PC, SBC or Router.
  • Can run web server Apache/NGINX + PHP
  • PHP v5.4.


MIKHMON V3.18 09-01-2019

Portable Windows :

Version 3 + Web Server

For Webserver / Hosting :

Version 3

Download it from the official website

Noted: If PHP is not running on your computer, please install it first VC9 ( Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package ).

Noted: password extract file: duniajaringanindo

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