Download the TFGen application

IDNetwork – TFGen application is one application that can be used to the checkpoint to point network capacity using wireless or wired. By using the application, we can...
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Quick Way Check Our OS Windows version

Quick Way Check Our OS Windows version. Hola guys, this time Idnetworks will give tips on How to Quickly Check OS Windows version, which...
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Tutorial Block Facebook access using MikroTik

This is a tutorial on how to block Facebook access using a proxy. Are you ready to try to block Facebook by using a...
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Download The free NetGuard

IDNetworks – The rapid development of smartphones today makes humans very dependent on these devices. Whatever we can do looking for entertainment, friends, and...
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Learn Basic Router Configurations

IDNetworks – In the basic configuration of Basic Router 4 things we need to understand are IP Address, Default Route, NAT (Network Address Translation),...
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