Quick Way To Remove Old Windows

Quick way to remove old windows on Windows 10 – Windows is an operating system created by Microsoft. Where this operating system provides a graphical interface (GUI / Graphical User Interface) to make it easier to operate. But this operating system is paid every user wants to use it.

Guys, If you’ve updated Windows 10 recently (or upgrade to Windows 10), then you probably have a folder on your system called Windows.old. Maybe you found it while searching for big files clogging up your drive, or this is news to you. Why is it there? What do you do with Windows.old?

Here idnetworks will share you tutorial remove old windows after a Windows update to a newer version. Maybe if we do not delete it will make our system disk full and can not run other applications properly and correctly. Well maybe that’s a little explanation, we go straight into the tutorial to make it clearer.

Remove old windows with properties

1. First, select disk C or system in your windows after that right-click continue to select the “properties“.

1 step , select and right click on properties

2. The second step, then a new window will appear then select “disk cleanup“.

2 step, select Disk Cleanup

3. The third step, after that a new window will appear and you do press select “Clean up system Files“.

3 step, select Clean up system Files

Last step, then check the “previous windows installation” , where the size is usually around 3-4gb. Already checked click “ok” to delete it and wait for the cleanup process to finish.

Okay guys it’s easy and quick way right ?? And here that is our basic tutorial to remove old OS windows from your device, if it is useful then share and subscribe to our channel. Thank you everyone 🙂

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