Setting Up MikroTik Login for Intended Clients in Public

Setting Up MikroTik Login for Intended Clients in Public – MikroTik router helps administrator providing hotspot for multiple clients at once. It can help clients with resource sharing, including internet access. In order to be able to share the resource, each client should go to MikroTik login and enter login credentials (ID and password).

Every client is able to log into the hotspot utilizing distinctive ID and password. How can you setup this access in public for intended clients? The following information should help.

1. Configuring the Hotspot

The first task that one needs to do is configuring the hotspot. It is done by creating two different certificates: certificate authority and hotspot certificate. The process is conducted by entering CLI script that can be found easily in the World Wide Web. Once the certificates have been obtained they need to be converted into trusted certificates. When accessing System menu, both certificates should have appeared on the list.

2. Setting MikroTik by Activating HTTPS Login

Before client is able to utilize Mikrotik login, hotspot service should be create beforehand. It is created by activating HTTPS service in IP menu. Hotspot certificate created in the first time must be added to this menu. In Server Profile hotspot, the certificate authority is added too. Once activation is done, the Server Profile would get flagged by S.

3. Modifying login Interface

Sometimes, the login page for client looks too bland because it utilizes standard template by the provider. It is actually possible to modify the login interface so that page will look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. An institution or organization can even add logo to the login page to make it looking more customized. This process is done by modifying the script.
Hopefully the information presented above provides understanding about setting up Mikrotik login for clients. The hotspot feature provided by this network routing tool is indeed helpful. It would be a waste not to utilize its potentials.

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