Tutorial set up IP Address on Debian 6

Tutorial how to set up ip address Debian 6 easily with images – IP settings are mandatory in the networking world. But the IP settings in Linux is very different from the IP settings in Windows. Especially if the Linux CLI (text-based), different from the windows that live click here Click there. Well, this time I will share the way IP settings in Debian 6 CLI.

  • Enter root by typing “su ” and then enter the root password
  • After that, type “Nano/etc/network/interfaces“, and then press ENTER
  • Then, we will go in the IP setting page like this.
  • setup ip address in Debian
  • Change and customize like this screenshoot:
  • setup ip address in debian
  • After that, save it with CTRL + X, press Y, then press ENTER.
  • Then restart the interface by typing “/etc/init.d/networking restart “.
  • restar debian 6
  • Then check it by typing “Ifconfig ” And it will look like the following:
  • look ip in debian
  • If IP in eth0 is in accordance with the setting Agan, then settings are correct. If not try to check again in “/etc/network/interfaces“.

A tutorial on how to set up IP Address on Debian 6 easily with the image has to idnetworks share. Hopefully useful.

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